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For over ten years my three children have had the benefit of Anita?s instruction. Lessons have ranged from classical piano to chording to voice, and through it all each of them has developed a lifelong love of music. Anita?s personalized approach has enabled my teenage son to balance music with a busy sport schedule. Her sense of humour, high level of technical skill and expertise, and experience with a broad range of musical genres has fostered a love of music in each of them. Thank you, Anita!

Karyn Barber

Red Deer & Edmonton Piano & Voice lessons offered online!

During this difficult time, we believe that it is more important than ever that students receive the benefits of their music education. As teachers, you know very well how music provides a point of focus, a calming influence, and a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Are you looking for an experienced Piano teacher who can teach a variety of lessons? Look no further! Private piano lessons offered for ages 4 and up with theory incorporated at each level. Royal Conservatory piano and theory are available for grades 1 through 10.

I teach beginner piano using various methods and tools (including online piano lessons) depending on the age of your child or as an adult.  Royal  Conservatory of Music, Piano and Theory starts with Preparatory A & B levels (Beginner Piano) following with Grades 1 - 10.  

Various Piano Classes Available

Chording & LEAD SHEETS
Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz.

Music can change the world.  

Ludwig van Beethoven


?I teach beginner piano using various methods and tools depending on the age of your child or as an adult.  Royal  Conservatory of Music, Piano and Theory starts with Prepatory A & B levels (Beginner Piano) following with Grades 1 - 10.  ?

Piano Teacher Anita Kennedy 

Are you looking for the best Piano teacher who teachers a variety of piano lessons in Alberta? Curious about piano lessons for kids? Or piano lessons for adults? 

Piano lessons should be fun for all ages - including your children. All of my students are like family and walk away with a positive experience when learning to play the piano with me.

My name is Anita Kennedy and I teach piano lessons in Red Deer, Edmonton, and the St Albert area.

At Anita Kennedy Entertainment I provide all my students with piano lessons that are fun, challenging, and engaging whether you are a novice or expert.

Piano lessons in the year 2020 no longer have to be boring. Piano lessons can develop your mind, be nurturing to your soul, encouraging and supportive. Piano is probably the most popular instrument in the whole world.

I teach all kinds of piano lessons for children and adults and cover a broad range of musical styles. I currently service many areas of Alberta:

Award yourself or your child the gift of music with piano lessons from Anita Kennedy. 

My goal is to allow students to introduce, learn, and experiment with as many different styles as possible so you can figure out which style or genre you like the best.


It?s never too late!   I?m 74 years old, and only decided to take up piano after watching my grandchildren?s success with Anita. 

I always look forward to and thoroughly enjoy my lessons. This is the second year that Anita and I have worked together. She is always upbeat and the one hour lesson seems to pass in a flash.  We have made huge progress, but most importantly lessons are fun and always encourage me to practice something new. 

Jill Bushrod

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